Dried flowers in the bridal bouquet

Why choose an elopment wedding

Elopment Wedding in Vemdalen

Elopment Wedding 

An elopement wedding means that the bride and groom choose to go away and get married in a place other than where they live. Sometimes with a few guests but often without any wedding guests at all. The only thing needed for a wedding ceremony to be valid is a wedding officiant and two witnesses and one of these witnesses can of course be the wedding photographer. In the past, many couples equated an elopement wedding with sneaking off to City Hall or going on a trip abroad. In recent years, however, the number of elopement weddings that take place also here in Sweden is increasing. In addition, it is something that has started to become socially accepted lately - with the pandemic, an understanding that the bride and groom got married without guests has gradually grown.

A perfect place for elopement here in Sweden is of course the Swedish mountains, here there are beautiful expanses, waterfalls and wonderful colors.

There are plenty of hotels and other accommodations in Vemdalen. Imagine everything from large suites at luxurious spa hotels to cozy mountain cabins and fully equipped apartments. Or why not try sleeping like a bear, in an idea? There is also the possibility of a number of unique experiences such as riding a helicopter, snowmobile, dog sled, horse & sleigh or perhaps riding to and from the wedding.

Elopement weddings are perfect for those of you who feel that you are not completely comfortable in the spotlight and want to reduce the amount of planning before the wedding day. Just because you are a social and open person does not mean that you are comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts during a wedding ceremony that many others witness.

The only thing you need to book before your elopement is somewhere to stay and a wedding officiant - and you're ready. However, there are many brides and grooms who choose to go all in with wedding clothes, bridal bouquet and corsage.
Then you can always be invited to a wedding party at a later date to celebrate in a relaxed manner with family and friends (then you also get an extra chance to dress in your wedding clothes and be photographed again!

There are many advantages to choosing to either make your bridal bouquet entirely with the help of dried flowers or have it as an element in your bridal bouquet.

The advantages of choosing a bridal bouquet with only dried flowers or as they are also called eternals, is that they can be purchased in advance. It can be extra good if you choose an elopement wedding that is a bit away from the nearest flower shop. Another advantage is that you don't have to think about how the flowers will survive a hot summer day or a bitterly cold winter day. And they are super easy to transport! Dried flowers are also relatively cheap, but the work for the florist is the same or maybe even more labor intensive as you may have to put the fragile stems on wire or glue

Here are further suggestions for how you can use eternals during your wedding:

- Use dried flower petals as confetti
- Make garlands of e.g. eucalyptus and put in dried flowers in different colors - can be made days in advance.
- Give the guests (and yourselves) a small cloth bag with potpourri to put in the linen cupboard as a memory of your wedding. The sense of smell is intimately connected with feelings and memories. Think what a wonderful way to remember your wedding day every time you change the sheets!

Florist: Norr Mälarstrands blommor
Stationary: Anna Göran Design
Wedding dress: Eleganten
Grooms wear: Dako