Biodegradable confetti

Wedding cake made of cheese

Wedding arch

Civil ceremony

Garden wedding

For those of you who have a beautiful garden yourself or have someone in your circle of friends or family who has a beautiful garden, it is a fantastic place to celebrate your wedding day. One of the big advantages is that you can freely choose which date you want to get married on, because you don't have to adapt to the availability of your desired venue. The garden itself also already offers flowers, beautiful leaves and trees as a backdrop for your wedding.

A detail that really enhances the overall impression during an outdoor wedding (or indoors if you are not in a church) is a wedding arch, there are several options for building a wedding arch, either in wood, metal that you decorate with flowers and fabric or just flowers and greenery.

A civil wedding is a ceremony without religious anchoring. In order for you to be able to carry out a written wedding, you need a wedding officiant. The civil wedding is available in two versions, the short (5 minutes) and the super short (like 1 minute). But just because it's a civil wedding, you don't have to keep it short. A civil wedding can contain exactly what you want, here you really have the opportunity to do exactly what you want. Maybe you want someone to read a poem, or several solo songs to be performed or someone to perform with a light show.

Who said you have to have a classic sweet wedding cake with cream and sugar bases when you can just as well have a cake made of your absolute favorite cheese.

There are confetti that are made from sugar paper and are not harmful to the environment. It rots or melts when it comes into contact with water. It is particularly suitable when you want to use confetti outdoors and not spend the rest of the day running after confetti that blows away. There are several types of degradable confetti, so there is something for everyone whether you want confetti shaped like butterflies or just round.


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