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Hammerska ladan


Old pensionat at Yxlan


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stockholm archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is an archipelago in eastern central Sweden, mostly located along the coast of Stockholm county. The Stockholm archipelago is the largest archipelago in Sweden and the next largest in the Baltic Sea. Stockholm's archipelago is usually divided into two main parts. The northern part which includes Vaxholm and Norrtälje and the southern part which includes Dalarö and Nynäshamn.

There are several beautiful places and islands for weddings in the Stockholm archipelago, in addition to Yxlan and Furusund which are included in these pictures, Dalarö, Ljusterö and Sandhamn are examples of nice islands for weddings.

One of the islands in the Stockholm archipelago is Yxlan. It is a long, narrow, wooded island. Yxlan is approximately 15 kilometers long and one kilometer wide.

Shortly after getting off the ferry at Yxlan, you come to the Old Pensionatet. This beautiful villa has no less than 8 bedrooms and is perfect for the bride and groom and their party, both for an overnight stay before and after the wedding but also for getting ready for the big day. The best place for preparations is the fantastic glass veranda on the second floor, but wonderful light and a beautiful view of the garden.

Before you get to Yxlan, you pass Furusund, another archipelago island in the Stockholm archipelago. There are several nice places for weddings and wedding parties here.

At the end of the 19th century, the Hammerska ladan was located in Kungsträdgården, at the place where Handelsbanken has its headquarters today. The venue was then used as a theater and was called Mindre teatern, but was popularly called Hammerska ladan, after its owner Christian Hammer. In 1886, the barn was moved from Stockholm to Furusund, in the Stockholm archipelago, where it was rebuilt, albeit in a slightly smaller format.

In 1950, the Hammerska ladan was moved for the last time a little northwest of the community on the island to the beautiful Fagerviken. Since 1989, the Hammerska barn has been owned by the Sköld family and is rented out during the summer for more festive occasions.

For those who want to have their wedding party indoors, there is room for 100 seated dinner guests and outside in the garden with a view of the Baltic Sea can be arranged for an outdoor wedding. For those who want to arrive at their wedding by boat, there is a jetty where you can disembark.


wedding stockholm Archipelago