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wedding reception Åkerby manor

Wedding ceremony Åkerby herrgård

Åkerby manor is located with a fantastic view of Fåsjön, eight kilometers north of Nora, one of Sweden's best preserved wooden towns. Åkerby manor was originally a miner's residence. During 1856-59, the main building was expanded into a corps-de-logi, and two wings were added. After that, the manor has a checkered history where it has, among other things, been a holiday home for housewives. Since 1999, the Edberg family has run a hotel and conference facility on the premises and it is also used for wedding parties.

For those of you who get married here, there is the option of having the wedding in the park that surrounds Åkerby Herrgård, you are also close to Nora church, which is built in neo-Romanesque style. According to a legend I was told when I was younger growing up in Nora, two bulls had to drag a rock into the town and where they stopped they built the church, whether it's true or not it's an interesting anecdote.

Just over 3 miles south of Nora is Örebro, where there is a very beautiful city park in den Wadköping. It is an excellent place for First look and portraits for those who choose to be married in one of the churches inside Örebro instead. Among other things, Hovsta church is located here, which is a brick nave church, the western part of which bears remains from a church from the 12th century. The church is very light and airy, almost like a dream for us wedding photographers.

Johanna & Guido's wedding day started with preparations with hairdresser and make-up and then continued with First look and portraits in Wadköping before it was time for the wedding in Hovsta church with subsequent congratulations on the church steps.

The couple then met the guests for a bridal toast and wedding cake (!) at Åkerby manor. Since the wedding guests came from several parts of Sweden as well as abroad, there was a hodgepodge of languages that was heard during the mingle.
During the wedding dinner, the bride and groom also took the opportunity to take a break for a portrait photography during the sunset with a view of Fåsjön.


wedding åkerby herrgård