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wedding ceremony at gann's deserted church

Wedding reception Gotland

Everyone who has ever been to Gotland falls in love with this amazing island, and how can you not  among the ruins, the beautiful nature and the ring wall around Visby. And of course there are many brides and grooms who dream of a wedding on the island of Gotland.

One of these brides and grooms was Mia and Alex. Since Alex's family originates from Gotland, it was natural that this was where they would celebrate their wedding. They were also lucky enough to have access to a fantastic venue for the wedding dinner, an old, transformed sheep house that has been in their family for generations.

But before the wedding dinner, there was a wedding ceremony in the fantastic Gann's deserted church located in Lärbo on northern part of Gotland. Gann's church was built in the 13th century but was probably abandoned in the 16th century. Fortunately, Gann's church ruins were preserved in 1924 and is now available for weddings. Nearby is also Hänger's spring, where it is said that Israel Kolmodin was inspired to write "Den blomstertid nu kommer", a hymn that is often performed at weddings.

After the wedding and loads of congratulations and hugs, the bride, groom and I took the opportunity to visit one of the beautiful beaches along the Gotland coast, full of beautiful rocks for portraits. On the way to the beautiful stone barn and the wedding dinner, we also passed a fantastic field, which of course we had to stop for a little walk among the flowers.

Once at the party venue, the bride and groom was greeted by further congratulations and toasts. This was followed by a wonderful dinner with great speeches, good food and lots of laughter (and a little crying, just as it should be at a wedding dinner).

Just before it was time for me to leave the bride and groom and the party, we went out into the fields for a photo shoot during Golden hour. Luckily, the bride and groom managed to stay on the road even though the groom almost ended up in the ditch, a side effect of a really lovely wedding dinner.


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