Syncronised dance

Hindu wedding at gimo herrgård

Gimo Herrgård is a beautiful manor house located in the middle of the northern Uppland forests next to the beautiful Gimo lake. The main building of the manor is built of stone and is a whitewashed two-storey house built together with two lower wings. Gimo Herrrgård is the oldest Gustavian manor house in Sweden - built in the 1760s. Today, Gimo Herrgård is used as a course and conference venue as well as for celebrating weddings. There are 88 rooms and suites and plenty of beautiful premises for wedding dinners and parties.

Imagine all the wedding guests, dressed in colorful saris, marching in with the groom on a self-made palanquin amid dancing, singing and laughter. As they approach the beautiful outdoor location in the lush garden where the wedding ceremony will soon take place, everyone stops and positions themselves with just the right amount of distance between them for a perfectly synchronized dance. That's how Tanvi & Patrik's wedding began.

But before it was time for the guests to enter under carnival-like circumstances, the bride and groom got ready in different places in some of Gimo's beautiful halls before it was time for the first look and portraits. As you can see, both the bride and the groom had been tattooed with henna as is tradition.

But back to the wedding.

After the "aunties" place a red "bindi" - a red mark on Patrik's forehead, he was met by the officiant and his and Tanvi's parents.

After a while everyone was ready to meet the bride who came walking down with her brother, dressed in a stunningly beautiful white and gold embroidered sari. During the wedding, incense is burned, money is distributed, and the bride and groom walk seven laps around the sacred fire (called sapta padi) while making seven promises to each other.

After the bride and groom had said their vows and exchanged rings, they where meet with the lots of cheering from the guests.

For those of you wondering, you're absolutely right, it felt just like being in a Bollywood movie with everything you could wish for.


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